What Business Investors Look for in a Startup Company

Startups are filled with brilliant ideas but they lack the funds to implement them properly. Business investors, on the other hand, are brimming with funds and wish to grow them with the right company. Both of them need each other to succeed and they know it. However, there are plenty of startups out there all jostling to get a piece of the proverbial pie. If you are a founder or CEO of one of these companies, then you need to be able to present yourself well in order to convince the investors that you are worth their while.

Skills and Experience

You need to get these people to trust you. It would help your case if you can convince them that you have the skills and experience required to lead the company forward. Tell them about your background in the industry that you are trying to break into. Highlight pertinent skills that make you highly qualified to take on the challenge. Even young CEOs can get millions if they have a compelling message backup up by a sensible plan. Selling yourself to investors and the general public is an art that you need to perfect to continue gaining funds for your business projects.


Competitive Advantage

It’s a highly competitive environment out there. Survival often depends on having and cultivating a unique set of advantages. Investors are keenly aware of this reality. They will ask about what the company has to offer that other startups don’t have. The kinds of answer they are looking for include patented technologies and exclusive distribution rights. Things of this nature give you a better chance of thriving in an unforgiving market. Having them will make people listen more closely to what you have to say.

Solid Business Model

Investors will look into your business model to see whether it fits your products and services. They want to be assured that the company will really be able to generate profits. For instance, some businesses are based entirely on advertising. They create content such as mobile games and try to recover the cost of development through ad dollars. Others rely on revenues from direct subscriptions to an ongoing service. They need to keep the package as compelling as possible to attract more subscribers and retain the existing ones. Most sell products to their target audience and attempt to earn through viable profit margins.

Clear Exit Strategy

While you want to convince business investors that you have a foolproof business plan, you also have to assure them that you have a good exit strategy in case things don’t pan out the way you hoped. They are risking a lot by putting money in a company that they have little to no control over. Assuage their fears of losing big by discussing your proposed exit strategy. This may include the sale of valuable assets, patents, and other properties. Balance this with a realistic future projection that shows just how well the company will do after a certain number of years.

Business Solutions And The Importance Of A Roadmap

Business solutions come in many forms. These solutions often promote operational excellence in a company whatever the industry it belongs to. The first step is for a business analysis to be done to see the major problems that the company is suffering from or to take a look at what needs to be improved.

After the analysis, it will now be possible to see what steps to take to deliver business solutions for the improvement of the business. The most significant factor is to know exactly what to do, how to do it and which things should be excluded.

Project scoping, according to business solutions experts, is one of the most important things to accomplish so that your company knows what to do next and by whom.
While it is important to look for business solutions tailored for your business, many companies are now offering innovative products that can improve certain processes that your company is having a hard time coping with.

Today, business solutions often come in software and they often support certain business processes. It is wise to ask these companies about software functionality and whether they meet your business’ goals. Your goals are what you should always focus on no matter what but this is difficult to do sometimes when one is exposed to software with so many bells and whistles.

One should keep in mind that software solutions or any solution for that matter are often geared towards improving efficiency and help the company become more profitable. Industries are evolving fast though and often, business owners are pressured into getting a software just to keep up with the world without taking a look at the company’s goals.

The Importance Of A Roadmap

While it is imperative that a business analysis be done before you can get a roadmap, it is also important to take a look at your business’ vision for the next 3 to 5 years. This will determine how you can fulfill your strategic goals.

More often than not, solutions are just integrated to existing processes in your company but it is also possible that the analysis will drive you to impose an entirely new process.
Experts say that while software solutions will definitely help, if you are still developing your roadmap or still determining what your strategic goals are, it is best not to get a software just yet. Because if you do, you will likely lose your focus on what your goals are.

Developing your roadmap will not be easy and creating a new one, if it is needed, will be quite difficult as well. Picture your company’s departments having to do business in another way after it got used to your old business processes. As one would surmise, it would take time before your people understand the new process and the direction you want them to go to.

But once this is done, and every department has eased into the new business processes you have imposed, you can go ahead and buy a software that can improve these processes. By now, you and the heads of each department, will already know what software support are needed to improve the new processes.


Work At Your Pace – Home Based Business Reviews

office-341531_640Are you worried about the hectic pace of your 9-5 job or your boss yelling at you for every mistake? Are you envious of your neighbor who earns a handsome sum, working at a leisurely pace, from the comfort of his home? The number of people, earning money working from home, is increasing by leaps and bounds. Here are some home based jobs that you can undertake. Apart from benefits like setting your own work hours, these jobs provide you the opportunity of generating much more money compared to what you earn from a fixed time job. However, you need to follow certain rules in order to be successful in this venture.

Working as a freelancer
The rapid increase in the number of online stores has opened a Pandora’s box for freelancers. The majority of owners of such stores work on a tight budget. They have neither the space nor the financial capability of hiring full time workers. They depend on freelance content writers, designers, and coders to design and maintain their online portal. You will be surprised to know that owners of many leading online shops outsource their requirements to home based photographers, videographers, voice over artistes, and translators.

Freelance writers
You can earn a handsome sum daily if you have a good knowledge of English, and the ability to write appealing content. This task becomes easier if you have comprehensive knowledge about specific topics. Do not worry if you have no idea about the topic. Use search engines to find out information about the topic, visit several websites that have information about it, and use information found on them to write the article.

Opportunities galore for designers, translators, and coders
Search online or check the classified section of local newspapers. You will find lots of freelancing job offers for coders and designers. Online stores have no geographical boundaries. Keeping this in mind and realizing the purchasing potential of citizens of other countries, website owners nowadays depend heavily on professionals to translate their website’s content into different languages. This offers you an opportunity to earn a handsome sum, provided you are fluent in English and other languages.

Moving ahead of the pack
Remember, you will receive repeat orders from your clients if you provide them with quality work on a consistent basis. Therefore, it is essential that you hone your skills and check your work carefully before delivering it to your client.

Passive and recurring income
You can increase your income manifold by setting up your website and participating in affiliate programs. Software developers, graphic artists, and photographers also earn money by selling their wares online. However, most of them do not have the financial resources to market their goods. They depend on a chain of online marketers to promote and sell their wares. In lieu, they provide hefty commissions to them. Go through websites that provide information about home based business reviews to find out details of such opportunities. This automated task, which requires no involvement from your end apart from generating a list of unique and potential clients, allows you to further increase your income.